No, your adopted child has never been “well adjusted”.

Lifting Taboos


I believe that one person does not just “adjust”, they give up on what was once something they became familiar with. They stop trying to hold onto something they remember, or felt comfortable in. They may temporarily relinquish the desire to be part of the past and the way things were done in the past in order to start over in this new life that is handed to them.

This is a hard piece to write because I know for one I will receive emails and messages telling me how wrong I am. However, if you are able to read past the title of this post, you will probably find that what I have to say makes a bit of sense. 

A family is created in many different ways. I am not going to go into the ethicalness of adoption, foster care, step parenting, blended families, fertilization, surrogacy and the…

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