The Family Of Stroke Victims Seen From The Inside

Tessa Can Do It - Positivity is Everything!

My dad is literally disappearing before our eyes. They don’t tell us much and until today I refrained from looking up symptoms, info and support groups. I need them. I am constantly bothering my therapist who is willing to help me out, but I need to understand more about what is going to possibly happen and be prepared.

My sister is strong. She doesn’t let her emotions ride on her sleeve. Is she scared? Of course she is. She just holds it better. She makes all decisions only when the two of us have talked over what is best for dad and agree to it.

He is losing his memories as his brain continues to die. He doesn’t want to live anymore and wants to be with mom. I understand this and he is letting things go we think. We don’t blame him. He wants to go and as much…

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