Cyranny's Cove


How could I ever translate my love for you into words?
It didn’t even exist before we met…

I thought I had known love when our eyes first engaged in this mysterious tango, in the middle of the crowd. I thought I had felt it many times… But it was all just silliness. Just hors d’oeuvres and cheep wine while I was obliviously waiting for main course and Champagne. I wasn’t longing for you and I don’t believe you came looking for me. Life just pushed me in the soothing comfort of your arms…

No cheesy song’s lyrics, no romantic movie plot compares to the feeling of finally knowing you. I wasn’t especially gifted, but you forced me to be an artist. Relentlessly, I paint, sing, sculpt my feelings for you. I try my best to make our heartbeats rhyme, to overlap our sighs in harmony.

But for anyone else…

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