Happy Thursday


I am a mom (in case you didn’t know) and yesterday I realized, not for the first time that, “The Weather Channel,” is my favorite channel.  True I do love the weather but once the day sets itself  it rarely changes.  I know when the kids were around that’s pretty much all I had on.  It was a safe channel.  I didn’t have to worry some anchor was going to come out and start talking about a, “Rape Train,” OMG.  The depravity that is going on over the airwaves these days is just so sad.  I’m pretty sure everyone knows what I’m talking about and where they stand on the issue so I’m not going there.  So it’s the weather channel for me til people can stop talking about all this.  I’m going to play some music, b/c music is good for the soul.

I think this is a good one…

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