Travel 101: Romania Is Country #34 for Me

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

The Muppet Brothers arrived in Oradea, Romania Thursday evening. Romania is country #34 for me (a few less for brother Joel). I’ve visited more countries than some but less than others—but it’s not about the number.

For us it’s not about checking boxes it’s about harvesting experiences. We travel like nomadic Gypsies (Roma) always on the move. We are location-independent (technically homeless) and slō-travellers (seeing less but experiencing more).

Slō-travel means visiting fewer places but staying longer, seeing less but experiencing more. It’s budget travel on steroids—no five-star hotels or fancy all-inclusive resorts for us. We shoulder our rucksacks (and my photo gear) and travel cheap. This morning’s breakfast in Oradea cost us 11.50 RON or $2.87 USD pp: one large freshly ground & brewed coffee and two fresh-baked croissants for each of us. Dinner last night (excluding beer) cost us 19.90 RON or $4.96 USD pp

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