Happy 115th Birthday Vladimir Horowitz


Today is the 115th birthday of the pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Listen to the first video, skip ahead to 1:18:35 to hear Prokofiev: Toccata in D minor. The next video, he is well into his 80s. The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that he has left.

Vladimir HorowitzNAME: Vladimir Horowitz
BIRTH DATE: October 1, 1903
DEATH DATE: November 5, 1989
DID YOU KNOW?: Vladimir Horowitz performed for President Herbert Hoover in 1931.
EDUCATION: Kiev Conservatory
PLACE OF BIRTH: Kiev, Ukraine
PLACE OF DEATH: New York, New York
REMAINS: Buried, Cimitero Monumentale, Milan, Italy
GRAMMY (multiple)
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME 1680 Vine Street (recordings)
WOLF PRIZE IN THE ARTS 1982 (with Olivier Messiaen and Josef Tal)
NATIONAL MEDAL OF ARTS 1989 (posthumous)

BEST KNOWN FOR: Vladimir Horowitz was a…

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