14 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 10/3/18

  1. Because it is the men that were always perceived as more powerful than women. Also, “god” is perceived to be ruthless sometimes. And we all know a woman is not capable (sarcasm).

      1. My time is not spent on figuring out a gender, because it does not make any difference to me. Yes, because He’s been illustrated as a male for most of my life, I choose to see Him that way. But indeed, there is “something other” to it.
        What are YOUR thoughts?

  2. The first thing that came to mind was a song, “Tradition” from “Fiddler On The Roof”. I have heard that in the Hebrew in the earliest know versions of part of the Book of Genesis, God self-refers with in the plural, “We”, and is spoken of as “They”, indicating to some thinkers that there was, so to speak, a “Mrs. God”, later edited out. It could also be the Imperial We, used by mortal rulers in formal pronouncements. The basic problem in English and other languages is the lack of a non-gender-specific pronoun other than “it”, which generally is used for an inanimate object, a plant, or an animal of unknown gender. That seems disrespectful for a deity. So, we are stuck with either “he” or “she” right from the start, although, those who hold to the doctrine of the Trinity could, I suppose, use “they” to refer to all three. Historically, rulers have (by far) been mostly male, and God being a ruler is just assumed to be so.

    I’ve also seen references to debates in ancient times and modern about whether angels have gender, but how can you tell when there’s a whole crowd of them dancing on the head of a pin?

  3. That’s a great question. I never really considered why we do that. I think perhaps because many of the ancient societies were patriarchal. Additionally, Jesus was the physical embodiment of God, and he was male, therefore God must be male. That’s my take on it anyway.

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