What is ‘Consequent’ Riding?


Consequent, used as an adjective means “following as a result or effect” and  “observing logical sequence”.  This is according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The concept of “consequent” riding was introduced to me by my coach Belinda Trussell in my first lesson after returning from the  World Equestrian Games.  Belinda told me that when she had been at WEG she and Christilot Boylen spent time watching the riders in the warm up before they went in to compete.  Christilot Boylen has competed for Canada in seven Olympics. and Belinda (a double Olympian herself) has trained with Christilot for 20 years.  Belinda stood with Christilot as they watched the riders. They focused especially on German rider Isabel Werth. Here is what Christilot had to say.

“On the dressage scene, at the Worlds in Tryon, the most important impression and fact that I took home was the absolutely stunning and superior performances from…

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