25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 10/19/18

  1. I’ve been in some of the coldest mountain rivers you could imagine. Like doing the polar plunge but for an hour straight. But the coldest air temps? Gotta be in the Windy City. My wife and I were in Chicago years ago, and from my friends apartment in Lincoln Park we had to catch a train into downtown, then change trains and platforms to catch the train out to Midway. It was February, and I literally thought we may die on that platform. The temps were around -15 and especially worse when the wind factored in. In between all those buildings creates a wind tunnel effect that is hard to describe.

    1. I will admit I am not a fan of extreme colds. -15 would send me into looking for a new area of the world in which to live.

  2. A life long Alaskan, -70 F with thick ice fog. No wind and you definitely want to be dressed in layers , hat, have your face covered and warm outer Arctic gear. When it is extremely cold, the car, which has been winterized so it can be plugged in to electricity, has an oil pan heater, a trickle battery charger and antifreeze. The car has to be be warmed up first. The car seats, unless they have a heater will be frozen solid. The tires will not be round and will have need to be driven slowly at first, until they begin to round out. They make a “kerplunk “sound and go can go flat easily. At this temperature, the belts under the hood can easily shatter. Anything plastic, such as imitation leather, cracks. Life continues on and one goes to work. At -50 F and colder, I found it was easier to walk a mile or two to work than to get my car running. Walking, I would keep warm and sometimes get hot. By the way, at minus 30 F or colder a hot cup of water thrown up in the air, vaporizes and nothing comes down, due to the dry cold air. 🙂

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