43 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 10/21/18

  1. When I was a poor college student, absolutely. Could only afford one meal a day, and a buffet did the trick. Nowadays? Not so much. Though, with picky kids, when they were toddlers, a buffet with multiple options was beneficial.

    1. My college student tattooed grandson went to the store with me. We passed by ramen noodles, which has been a staple or the family college goers. Of course it’s bad for you but hey! : ))

    2. I”m not opposed to buffets. Living mostly on the road these days and not eating meat I have found few restaurants that offer veggies so sometimes the buffet is a good option.

    1. The best salad bar I have found is in a grocery store chain called Harris Teeter. It is always clean and fresh with great ingredients.

  2. I know some cool ones that offer great food, but in general I try to avoid buffets. I have a very tiny stomach, and I can’t eat big meals. The last times I went to a buffet restaurant, I brought ziploc bags and brought some food back home. Otherwise, it is just a rip-off for me LOL

  3. 🦋Only if they have separate serving utensils for each item/bowl and there is a clear indication what’s wheat/gluten free.

    One of my favourite buffet-style resaurants here do have separate utensils, and sspare clean ones. They also have little gold, silver, red, yellow or blue stars beside the meal name so you can review the list that is on a side wall. It lists allergies like gluten, nuts, citrus, wheat, dairy, shellfish & fish. etc

    Otherwise, people are constantly waiting on kitchen staff for ingredients that happens at other restaurants I won’t name.

    It works well. And I actually have choices! 🦋

    1. When I travel I eat at a buffet simply because it presents the best options for veggies. Most other places don’t have vegetable options.

      1. I don’t know how you travel cross-country. I’m on the road 3-4 days each week and it can be a grind.

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