40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 10/22/18

  1. Oh yeah, we buy stuff throughout the year as we spot it. The big gifts for the boys though have to wait til nearer Christmas, simply based on changing wants. What they pick in March is not always what they still want in November.

      1. With 3 boys to buy for, starting early is much less stressful. We don’t really plan though. If we’re out, we see something that’d work, we go ahead and get it. The less I have to do in December the better. Amazon is a godsend for Christmas shopping too.

      2. I can imagine the stress if one waits too long. The online experience is so much more convenient. And I hate that big box retail is struggling but it is the way of the modern age.

      3. It is. They’re trying to keep up doing the same thing. But Amazon is just that’s when it comes to shopping now. I do believe there’ll always be those who prefer to be in-store to shop, but are there enough to keep them solvent? Not sure.

  2. Yes, especially this year, because I’ll be out of town for Halloween, so no need to plan anything. We’ll probably buy one or two pumpkins, but just to cook them, not for decoration 😛

    1. I actually believe it is better to begin shopping prior to the season, but I don’t. Years of retail have taught me that “season sales” are a ploy.

  3. I used to do it all the time. Then I gave up giving out gifts. This is the first year I am buying for the kids at church and two families who have made my cancer battle bearable. I am happy to announce I have 3 presents left to buy. All the rest are piled in a corner of my room waiting to be wrapped.

      1. January sales, help with things like cards and wrapping paper, you sometimes get good gifts, however my son changes his taste in toys more often than he has hot dinners. So that is not really worth it for us, but the main thing I do is budget for it, so when December hits, I don’t get a massive bill

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