27 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 10/23/18

    1. I don’t view Halloween as a holiday so I’d agree it is Thanksgiving. And of course my fave part is all the food! And football.

  1. Well we have Halloween, but that’s tosh since they did away with Mischief Night. Then it’s Christmas and the best part of that is the 2nd December. Should keep questions like that away from grumpy old Yorkshireman 😂😂

      1. LOL on the 5th November, we celebrate Guy Fawkes night, its where Guy Fawkes and a few others tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament when the King was there in 1605, he was trying to put a Catholic king on the throne. He failed because one of the idiots sent a letter to a family member warning him not to be there, when they blew it up, family member went straight to the king. I am never sure whether we celebrate the fact Guy Fawkes failed or if he tried.

        We use to burn guys on the bonfire, but now we burn anything that pisses us off, last year or the year before someone made a massive David Cameron (previous Prime Minister) and set fire to that.

        As soon as the last firework goes off, most people start thinking about Christmas

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