Life’s a Gas…


Yes, I know, I know.

I’ve been away for an awfully long time.

But I thought I’d give you all a bit of a break. After all it’s been a nice summer so why ruin it with some old git whinging about this, that and the other? 

But now I’m back! You have been warned. 

Autumn is here, or ‘Fall’ as my American friends would have it and I’m in the mood for a right old moan.

I saw that too! No need to raise your eyes to the heavens like that, no need at all.

‘So what’s the old bugger grizzling at now?’ I hear you cry. ‘Brexit? Trump? Mourinho?’

Well it’s none of the above, although it could so easily have been.

No, what’s deservedly earned my scorn is, wait for it – gas! 

Thinking about my American pals again I must explain that I…

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