The Secret To More Powerful Connections:Lisa Nichols


While my new position at work is stress on a whole-nother-level, it’s also challenging and my mind appreciates the stimulation. I’d fallen into my previous job as a result of a layoff and while a 4am shift start time isn’t something I would normally choose, I needed an income. A career wasn’t necessary, just money. Not only did I have a mortgage, but my son was also starting college. As the famous celebrity suggested, I did what I had to do until I could do what I wanted to do. At that time, all I wanted was to stay afloat while I  continued looking for employment that didn’t rob me of quality time with my family, or sleep.


Six years, many scars and several painful lessons later, I entered the next phase in my life. Four months in so far, it’s the perfect temporary stop while I work towards my…

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