I Need a New Beginning With My Blog

I Need a New Beginning With My Blog


On November 26, 2014 I created my first post on WordPress and hit publish.  And 4 years later I am still at it; tired, but still blogging.  And until recently I had posted every day for over 1500 days, a streak that I am quite proud of having achieved.  I went from a daily view high of 149 in March 2015 to having days I clearly 5,000 views.  I went from 0 views to over 1 million views in under 3 years which resulted in over 100,000 comments!  I will admit that I am incredibly proud of having reached and exceeded all of my blogging goals including eclipsing 50,000 total followers.  All of these numbers mean one thing…I am tired.

Honestly, I am worn out.

So with that said some changes are coming for Dream Big.  At the end of this year I will be terminating the Partner program.  I will not be publishing a post everyday, excluding the Let Me Ask You A Question post, and I will be reblogging on a limited basis.  I need to do these things because blogging has become a habit, something I do out of routine with little passion behind it.

I will be posting my thoughts from time-to-time, but I’ll be doing it when I find inspiration or have a thought I’d like to share, not because I feel like I need to post something.  I just want blogging to be fun again and I want to control my page instead of feeling as though my page controls me.

Writing a blog is an interesting journey and it has been so much fun watching this thing take on a life of its own.  Dream Big has developed into something that I never envisioned which is a hub for others to connect.  When I first began my blog I thought I would share some thoughts on my journey from an underachieving procrastinator to an entrepreneur.  What I didn’t realize then was how many bloggers would use my page to find other like-minded people.

I might take more pride in this fact than any other.

Happy Saturday!



58 thoughts on “I Need a New Beginning With My Blog

  1. Considering that yo also have a day job, I’ve wondered occasionally how you find the time, and manage the three way balance (Work, Life, and Blog). You have brought people together in the blogiverse, and that is something to be justly proud of. I’m sure that will continue.

    1. It has taken a major toll on me over the last few years and finally the cumulative impact has become too much. It will be nice to experience a pressure release.

  2. Danny, thank you for all your hard work on Dream Big, promoting and your networking with so many others. There are seasons for everything. Who knows what new exciting things are in your future? It may or may not include blogging but it is sure ti be something that stimulates and excites you. Enjoy!

  3. 🦋 I think a Gold Medal is in order…if there was such a thing for bloggers. You have achieved so much and deserve more than a word or two of thanks. However, you wouldn’t have anytime left in your day to read manuscripts from even just a few of those you have helped, including me. Know that you’ll whatever and whenever you blog many of us all be jumping in. – Blessings with your new beginnings.

  4. Danny you have achieved lofty heights in a short time. Well done you! You deserve a break, a step back to reflect and make blogging fun again, not a chore 💜
    I totally understand where you’re coming from xx

      1. Always, Danny. You’re there for so many. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to still see you here, on your own terms xxx

  5. You should be proud of what you achieved and all the hard work and love that you poured into your blog. Best of luck on your new journey and hopefully taking some time to kick back and relax!

  6. Dear Danny, I am not home at the moment, and only follow people’s posts from afar. But I just read your post, and I can guess how exhausting keeping this rhythm must have been. As much as I am disappointed in losing you as a blogging partner, I support you all the way in your new plans… Just keep us posted, and I know a lot of people will keep following. You are a great motivator in the blogging community, and whatever way you choose to keep on blogging, I know it will work! Congratulations and all the best for the years to come!! xx

  7. Danny, you’ve achieved great things and should be extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished! When it stops being fun, though, it’s time to do something different, and I’m glad you have the opportunity to do that. You’ve done a lot for your partners, and I for one appreciate you more than I can say. Best wishes to you as you go in a new direction with your blog!

  8. Wow, Danny! Not only are your numbers impressive, but the way you bring bloggers together is equally as astounding. As one of your partners, I’ve appreciated all you’ve done for me. Change is good! I’m glad for you, that you’re switching it up, as you’re tired and it’s not fun anymore. When that happens, you know it’s time for a change. I definitely hope you keep blogging. You’re such an inspiration and great motivator for many of us! Take care!

  9. I don’t remember when you originally wrote this, but has blogging become passionate again? I remember having this conversation with you and Jason many times. I’ve definitely gotten burnt out even at my much slower pace so I can’t imagine up keeping yours.

    1. Oh that’s my app acting up. I’m so sorry. It was showing this post as a reblog. But my sentiment still applies. I thought that I missed the post first go around. It’s amazing that you’ve been so disciplined. Congratulations on all that you have achieved. I hope that this step back serves you and Evelina well and that the fire comes back.

    2. I wrote this last weekend. I think my attitude will change as I release myself from the bonds of stats. I’m going to get back to just writing and reading.

  10. It’s such a blessing to do the things we are passionate about, but when those things become a chore, it’s wise to step back, regroup and let the spark ignite once again. Enjoy your break Danny, you deserve it.

  11. Those truly are amazing stat’s !!! Good for you. You are right about the journey and the lessons you have learned. The best one was your reason for stepping back. That’s like my number one thing I do. I remove anything from my life that does not bring me joy or happiness and that I love, love, love <3 I learned that the hard way. Serious car accident, traumatic brain injury (coma) with months of rehab from brain injury. Paralyzed on my left side. I was lucky though because I learned that lesson when I was 21 so I've carried it with me and I've tweaked it along the way. It has made for a very happy and fulfilling life. Sure I have my days, but I always go back and remember where I came from and the battles I have fought and won…Remember, "Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back, I am the storm !!!" I still get chills when I read that quote. Carry on my friend, you are definitely on the right track…Blessings for your journey <3

  12. If anyone had questions I’d always send them to you. Thanks for all you’ve done. I think everyone gets burned out this time of year with summer over and all the routines beginning again.

  13. Wow! Those are impressive things you have done! But, I fully understand the idea that it is routine and not fun anymore. Step back for a bit. We understand. Hope you find your joy and passion where ever you go.

  14. Good luck Danny! I’ve enjoyed your blog throughout the years. I understand what you mean. There’s days when I don’t feel like blogging or don’t make time for it because of work and other things in life.

  15. You have achieved a great deal with your blog and bravo to you for deciding to get off this particular route and go on another slightly different one. All the best to you in whatever and however you choose to approach your blog.

  16. All the best to you well done, I’m new to this, be kind. Well done also Scarlett 79, your amazing. there does come a time when you get tired. You definitely need family/ friends for support, it’s a tough journey solo. Good luck everyone, and blessings to all.

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