Getting the “green” light…with some jealousy

Lifting Taboos

Finally, after a good 40 mn that felt like an hour, I was given the green light to actually enter my own birth country.

I left you guys last week with the Haitian officials making fun of my passport picture and me wanting to feel “sexy every once in a while”. The moment that I realized they were making fun of me, a deep sense of sadness settled in my soul. They were unhappy.

In such a poor country, officials who do government work are not respected to the full. They are waaaay underpaid and often times don’t even get fed on a given day. They too are fending for themselves.

I realized that people laugh at others because they see something they are jealous of. They will never admit it, but they are hurting inside.

As the officials looked at my passport that was riddled with visas in it…

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