Bits, Bridles and the Tower of London


Once again I am just going to show you some photos of the very interesting  things I have been seeing on the Arms and Armouries tour. First we visited Boughton House armouries where I saw some extraordinary bridles that were Dragon Officers Dress bridles from the mid 18th Century. They are all in glass cases so the photos do have some glare.

Armourers (4 of 10)

And take a look at this bit!

Armourers (3 of 10)

We also visited the Tower where the arms and armour collection is incredible. Here are some examples of horse armour.

Armourers (6 of 10)Armourers (7 of 10)

The muzzle seen on the horse above was something used between 1552 and 1621 and apparently little is known about its purpose or use. Possibly for protection or….to stop the war horses nibbling on grass while waiting to engage with the enemy?

The wooden horses that were made for the “Line of Kings” were all around 15 hands so not large…

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