Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/5/18

Would you rather have a criminal justice system that actually works and is fair or an administrative government that is free of corruption?

23 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/5/18

  1. It is my belief that we need to start with corruption. The cause of crime has many factors but at the base is a loss of personal morality. Get rid of the administrative corruption and there will be fewer criminals. We need to value each other, not be self centered and self serving. We can deal with symptoms forever, but must deal with the root causes.

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  2. That’s a terrible choice. But, if we had the first, we might get closer to the second. On the other hand, it might work some the other way round too. Maybe we could start with half and half and work our way up?


  3. Looking what we have today I’d probably just go for anarchy, but that wasn’t the question, so I’d go corruption free, because you can’t have a fair justice system. Whatever system you have will always appear ‘unfair’ to someone.


  4. I don’t think its possible to have a government without corruption, there is always going to someway of making it seem like its not corruption when it actually is. For example a wealthy business man making a “donation” to a party because he loves their views and weirdly he is then rewarded with a law that makes him more money, a contract that makes him more money etc.

    You would have to tear down the government and start again without all these little loopholes

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