Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/7/18

Is there any chance the U.S. government accomplishes anything now that the Senate and House are controlled by opposing ideologies?

26 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/7/18

  1. Not much. In his press conference just in the past hour, President Trump said very clearly that if the Democrats in the House begin to investigate him or his administration (which they are sure to do, having described government oversight as a duty, not optional), he will retaliate with every resource at his disposal (including the investigation powers of the Senate) and there will be no bipartisan cooperation.

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    • Government is designed to move slowly and accomplish very little. I imagine politicians really struggle with an outsider coming in and having any say.


  2. Yes, they will accomplish showing the American people who is representing our interests as opposed to who is representing the interests of big business and the 1%. The bulk of accountability lays with GOP Senators. They can show their constituents that they represent their interests by backing House legislation, of they act like spoiled brats. Those republicans who want campaign for president are unlikely to enter bipartisan agreements because they don’t want their Rep. challengers to throw up in their face that they voted with Democrats.

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      • No. They should do what their constituents want and what is good for this nation because they represent all of their constituents and not only those who voted for them.

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