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      1. Both my mother and I would channel into people, for lack of a better word. My mother would think of someone she had not seen of heard from in years, and all of the phone would ring and it would be that person. This would happen with me as well, but I got even stranger channelings. My dad was from Melbourne Australia, and I got messages from his best mate, whom he had grown up with and stayed very close to their whole lives, even though he lived in Melbourne his whole life. This happened twice, and both times, I knew it was a message from him. The first time, I had severe chest pains, but i knew it was not for me, I was young and healthy, but it was from my dad’s best mate. Five minutes later, we received a phone call from Melbourne that my dad’s best mate had a heart attack. A few days later, it happened again, only this time, I had a massive headache, and once again, I knew it was a message about my dad’s best mate. Again, just a few minutes later, we received another phone call saying his best mate had just passed away from a brain annurysm. (sp). Pretty strange indeed.

    1. It happened again, just a couple of days ago. I was thinking about a friend of mine, whom I had not seen in quite awhile. I knew her health had been bad for quite a number of years, and sadly, she had been in decline for a number of years as well. Yesterday, I just found out from her daughter that she passed away. I wish these “visions” would happen for good instead of bad or sad things.

      1. I think it is an energy and awareness gift. Some people are more inclined to pay attention to the movement of energy in the world and some lost the awareness long ago.

      1. This one isn’t one I experienced personally, but it was in our house. When my boys were little, they had a nanny that would pick them up from school, bring them home, then start homework with them until either mom or I got home. One afternoon, she walked in the house and she said it felt weird, like the air was heavy and smelled of freshly turned soil. When she got into the kitchen, she freaked. Every single cabinet door and drawer were standing wide open. She called my wife and immediately left with the boys to hang at the library in town. It was weird. I felt it too when I got home. We saged the entire house that evening.

      2. It’s bizarre. We’ve other stuff here too, but not as strange as that. It’s pretty common to see a shadow, or some sort of movement, on our staircase. People who’ve stayed here have told us about stuff they had happen as well. It’s mostly benign. Unlike the cabinet thing. 😃

      1. Nothing so dramatic, more in the range of weird coincidences, unlikely hunches that pan out, and one departed friend who shows up in dreams fairly often with no clear message (There was a lot unresolved in that relationship.)

      2. I think there is a variety of things going on there. In the case I mentioned, it definitely is related to issues left unresolved in a very complicated relationship. Others show up maybe because they represent something else or just because we happened to be thinking of them that day. Then, there’s when one person morphs into another. Dreams are strange territory.

      1. it’s an elderly female. she appears usually in the corner of your eye walking past you, you always turn and she is just fading to nothing. she used to move a picture frame, but i located the original family’s descendants, mailed the frame to the GGGD and no more moving objects.

  1. Yes. On the deaths of my brother and my father. And the farm I owned was built just after the Civil War and, in spite of my firm belief at the time that ghosts weren’t real, it was haunted. I had people actually get up and leave because of the things that happened.

      1. When my brother died a lamp turned off. Not the bulb but the actual switch was turned. When my father died I KNOW he was in my room. I saw him. But his body was about 60 miles away. And my farmhouse! LOL Lights turning on and off, the sound of heavy footsteps walking across the floor upstairs and coming down the stairs, and one of my sons and one of their friends saw Willis (the builder of the farm) on two separate occasions. The funny thing is, I miss Willis since I lost my farm. But he did scare the heck out of more than one visitor.

      2. We’d hear him walk through my bedroom, the upstairs sitting room, and down the stairs partway. Our dog would stand at the bottom of the stairs and wag his tail like crazy.

  2. Yes I do everyday. The home I grew up in and currently own has a residual ghost. I am what the world calls psychic. I have frequent, daily, conversations with “dead” people. Life is very interesting for me. Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?

      1. Was helping my cousin move into his new house. His wife had a collection of over 500 stuffed animals that she set up Meticulously in the back bedroom by size, animal, etc. We went for a beer run, locked the place. Twenty minutes later we returned to find stuffed animals scattered all over the first floor, lining the hallways and all over the kitchen. In the hallway they were lined to face each other. We put them back.
        The same day we rearranged some furniture that came with the house. We went outside to barbeque and when we came back inside it was back where it was

      1. No, thank goodness! And my roommate and I were young enough that we just accepted it and got up to turn off the faucets or whatever shenanigans would go on. We lived there for 4 years. 😳
        I have lived in my current house for 21 years and happy to say its just us alive humans and critters living here. 😊

      1. Well, it would be scents and they would be associated with death, once we had been out as a family and when we arrived home the whole house had a strong scent of hyacinth flowers which I immediately associated with death, next thing we heard a little friend of my daughter’s had died somewhere foreign. I also always used to know if something was going to happen to my then husband. It would be a strong strange ‘knowing’ and it would come as a flash. I had several of those. The nicest one that happened to me was when I was doing an inventory in an old Victorian house in Wiltshire, I was staying in what used to be the nursery (but I did not know that), well during the night before I went to sleep I could hear music from a music box, and felt something pushing against the back of the bed, it was not scary.
        Perhaps the worst event I ever had was the night before the horrible event in Scotland where children were killed. I woke up to cries of mama and a foreboding feeling. And the night before September11 I was on a phone call and doodling and when I looked afterwards on what I had drawn it was a coffin, it did scare me. Many more little things happened but too much to relate.

  3. Yep twice

    First time, when I was a child, I woke up to a man staring at me, I didn’t feel scared just very unsettled, then he walked out, but not out the door, it was through a wall, I get he was a ghost and maybe that is how they do stuff, I told my dad the next day and explained about the wall thing, he told me it was just a dream, quite a while later, I was researching where I grew up and found out that my house was built on mainly farmland, my house and the house next door were actually a farmhouse and a barn, I managed to get the rough layout of the farmhouse, weirdly the wall this guy walked out of use to be a door. I am still not sure if I dreamt it or not.

    2nd time I was home alone and lost 2-3 hours my dad was in a car accident, nothing serious but I phoned my mum to let her know I was going to be home alone longer than normal both my sisters were out, but Dad was ok, he was just waiting on them to sort out the car and talk to the police. I had to leave her a message though, I went back to watching TV, that is the last thing I remember, next thing was realising I had missed the programme I wanted to watch and it had gotten dark and I hadn’t closed the curtains. Mum had left 5 messages on the answerphone all getting more panicky as I wasn’t answering her 10 minutes later my dad arrived, still have no idea what I did

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