12 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/15/18

  1. I think its because from day one we are conditioned to look to the future, getting married, owning a home, having kids. If you think about it from age 3 onwards its all about education and how what you do then as an effect on junior school, which has an effect on college, which has an effect on uninversity, which has an effect on jobs.

    We are encouraged to save for the future, book holidays months in advance.

    You also have shops who encourage us to think in the future, valentines stuff coming out in January, Easter stuff coming out after 14th Feb, Halloween stuff coming out in September, Christmas stuff coming out in October, everything around us is conditioning us to think in the future


  2. I believe it is because of two things. The first thing that prevents living in the moment is programming. We are trained from birth to look to the future. The pace of life is to fast and that is the second and most important reason. To live in the moment requires us to slow down. I would bet that most people don’t understand what living in the moment is. They don’t understand because they are programmed not to.


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