Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/18/18

If you could plan the perfect trip for you, where would you go and who would you take?

37 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/18/18

  1. I assume, if we talk of a “perfect trip”, that the cost is not a concern, and duration is not limited by some employer’s vacation policy. The destination(s) question is hard with bad things happening in so many otherwise interesting places around the world. Europe and the British Isles would be good, I guess. Or, wandering the US and Canada in an RV could work too. As for who to take with, I just don’t know right now. Maybe I could put out an invitation to blog friends and see who volunteered to join a movable feast.

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  2. I would take myself and my husband back to the late 1960s and go to Venice just to spend time in the city, have coffee and watch Venetians go by. In those days there were no wheely bag toting throngs of tourists and Venetians actually lived in Venice. I was there then and I would love to go there again.

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  3. I’d love to arrange a Christmas trip for my family in Denmark… Spending the holidays there, enjoying all the lovely traditions with my my close family would be quite a blast. We have discussed it a couple of times, who knows… Probably not this year, but I might win them over for next year 😛

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  4. World Tour but I won’t like to take any one with me cause that would be my me time. Plus what’s better than going somewhere alone with some many things to explore.

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