30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/21/18

  1. Play ….. well I try. Up until a couple of years ago, I was learning to play the guitar. I am not bad when I practice, but I haven’t practiced in quite some time. I definitely need to get back into it. I love the guitar, and I love it in all it’s musical genres.

  2. I played the piano for a few years. I got tired of practicing so I stopped. I can play the doo dah song well. LOL. I also sang in the school choir and played the recorder and keyboard there. LOL.

      1. Well that varied. I was in the stage version of the Rocky Horror Show in London and also did some stints in night clubs singing Gershwin, Cole Porter etc. I also did a rock opera for the BBC that was not very “operatic”.

  3. Before I turned to a money making career, I was a music major for two years. I play the piano and all of the brass instruments. Piano playing got me through some lean money times. I started playing in a band during the golden age of wedding bands in the 70s when I was 14.When I first got married, I would often make more playing in the band on the weekends than I made at my day job as a computer programmer during the week. I now just play at church with our small choir on Saturday afternoons. It’s enough to keep me involved in music without taking away from work or family. I also arrange music as a fun hobby. I’ve taken the piano playing part of my life and have used it as a trait for the main character in my Frank Rozzani novels.

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