Never, Ever Listen When the World Says ‘No’!

Never, Ever Listen When the World Says ‘No’!


Never, Ever Listen When the World Says ‘No’!

In 2016 I was at a point of decision.  My business was not doing as well as I wanted and my insurance premiums were skyrocketing.  The proverbial writing was on the wall and I knew I had to make a change.  So like many others I began putting my resume together and applying for jobs hoping that my efforts would lead me to a solid company who would give me an opportunity in sales.

The first company to reach out to me was a furniture company by the name of Brook Furniture.  I interviewed with a district manager which led to interviewing with a regional manager in a restaurant in downtown Charlotte.  I wasn’t exactly sure if this was the right job for me, but I was certain I could do the job and they needed help, therefore I continued through the hiring process.

During the interview the guy couldn’t have been less interested.  We met at a restaurant in downtown Charlotte and he ordered a huge ice cream dessert and commenced to eating it throughout the interview.  He asked a lot of questions which I answered honestly (probably my downfall) and in the end he explained to me that he didn’t see having a place for me in their company.

At that moment I felt a bit confused.  I honestly thought the job was mine and he said ‘no’ which I was not expecting.  It was at that moment that I realized getting a job in sales with little sales experience was going to be more difficult than I had thought.

I guess I could have taken that ‘no’ as a sign to find a different line of work, but I didn’t.  I took that ‘no’ as motivation to interview better and try harder.  That ‘no’ led me to a better opportunity and my diligence impressed my current employer enough to give me a ‘yes’!

I think we listen to the naysayers too much.  We allow other people’s opinion to influence us too often and I say don’t ever listen to anyone IF you believe in yourself.  If you believe in something then I say let your desire drive you to getting what you want.  Let your self-belief be the foundation for working through the struggles.

Don’t quit and don’t give up until you have pulled every bit of effort out of your soul.  Sometimes giving your best effort is the best result.



33 thoughts on “Never, Ever Listen When the World Says ‘No’!

  1. I saw a quote the other day of a person on a horse and the quote was:” when people keep telling you that you cannot do it just keep riding until you are far enough away you can’t hear them.” I really like this post Danny.

      1. I had a friend that said once that if you don’t have at least one person telling you it’s a bad idea, then you haven’t talked to enough people.

  2. I’m curious…Besides the money (or is this the reason?) how come you want/wanted to be in sales? I have many years of sales experience. The last couple of years were very stressful. I became miserable and eventually got laid off. Believe me, this was a blessing in disguise. I now freelance and work in a completely different field.

    1. Because sales I believe is the best fit for my personality and a great way for me to earn as much cash as I want to earn. My hard work pays immediate dividends via my paycheck. I can give myself a raise any time I decide.

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