Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/26/18

Does it bother you when people butcher the English language?

42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/26/18

  1. nah, I dot it all the time. what bothers me is when people don’t know the difference between similar sounding words and their proper use. i.e. …

    your – you’re
    there – their – they’re

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  2. The power of words has always been important to me. In my first college go round my major was English Literature and Journalism with an Art Minor. So, yes it annoys me to no end. I am also fully aware that this is my judgment and something I have to come to terms with.

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  3. In general, no. Now, those who may be on shows, news reporters, or are public figures, yeah. I find myself correcting them in my head frequently. And my kids. I catch myself correcting them all the time too. Ya’ know, on second thought, it appears that it does, indeed, bother me a bit.

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  4. Some time, it’s creative, other times maddening, and yet others, accents and dialects. Recently, I caught myself when writing a comment on a post by someone who is a teacher, and changed “people I’m dealing with” to “people with whom I’m dealing”. One of the unforgettable lessons was not from an English teacher, but from a geology professor. In a test answer I had described a glacier as sitting on some area. The sentence was circled in red with the comment, “What, on its haunches?”

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  5. No, not really. Since I belong to a non English speaking country, India; there are times when I mess up the English language too. So until and unless somebody is correcting me, I am totally cool with that.

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  6. It depends on who is butchering it.

    If someone is from another country and speaking broken English, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I would hope for the same amount of grace if I tried speaking Mandarin, Spanish, or any other language. I also try to recognize poor education and not be so harsh in my assessment.

    On the other hand, if people are just downright lazy and refuse to enunciate or use language properly, that irritates me to no end! Then, of course, there’s the “professionals” (like journalists), who fail to edit properly…

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  7. Those who don’t speak (American) English as their native language, it’s not an issue. I could also care less about ending on prepositions. However, I continually correct my daughter’s spoken English because I will not have a conversation as if someone is texting me word shortcuts. It makes a person sound ignorant. It’s a consciousness that should be more important than it apparently is. With employers judging applicants within seconds, poor grammar will not be her downfall!

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      • Nope and I won’t stand for it. I correct her grammar as she speaks. If she wants me to stop, then she fixes the problem and we move on. She is also required to write weekly letters to her brother. I review the letters for grammar mistakes and make it part of her school assignments. My (youngest) will not be part of this new movement of dumbing kids down because teaching them to take tests are more important. She will speak and write accurately and will write in cursive too!

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      • I do speak english as a second language or maybe third …my first is odia, second is hindi. I dont mix up things. But I don’t even point out when others do. Because my mom once told me that if I speak english I should speak it totally, if I speak hindi I should do it purely.

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  8. Every state have their own slang and version of speaking..

    And every English speaking country have their own accents and different ways of saying the same thing…

    I find it quite interesting and very entertaining and find amusement in most…

    I myself speak very funny and have my own pronunciation of most words

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