42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/27/18

      1. I remember when I was about 10, my mom telling me how important it was to memorized the multiplication tables because I wouldn’t always have an adding machine available. Less than 10 years later, the first cheap pocket calculators were at Radio Shack.

      1. Next time you are at a store wait until the clerk has input your payment, if cash, then give them correct change. Then sit back and watch them try to figure the math. It is frightening.

    1. I was a math major in college for 3 years and left the program because the jobs seemed like they would be boring. But you can do simple math, correct?

    1. Ever witnessed someone who couldn’t do simple math without a device? Obviously, I’m not talking about those with some type of challenge.

      1. Nope. I despised math growing up, once I got to geometry. However, Base-10 math is not a written math and algorithm math isn’t supposed to be mental math. I will never teach base-10 math because I know my daughter isn’t “wired” to see numbers that way. She’s taught the way she responds best to. That’s why home education students test higher than public school kids. They are taught in a way that works for them; not for the majority.

      2. We must be referring to 2 different systems. I studied mathematics at university and its definition is built entirely on a 10 number representation based on the decimal system, but I digress. Maybe there is a new base 10 of which I am unaware.

  1. Yes and so does my son.

    Like a lot of PP I grew up without a calculator in my pocket and if I have to go to the supermarket, I do the lot in my head by rounding up or down, I am rarely more than a few quid out.

    Although self scan helps

      1. I use to do it, but not many and it is sometimes painful watching when it comes to say £10.20 and you give them a £20 note, they put that in the till, so its gives them £9.80 and then you say oh hang on I have the 20p and then see the fear on their face as they have to try and figure it out

      1. Most of my friends…we try to be in touch with it…calculators and phones are not allowed neither in our classes nor in exam halls. So we have to. But if we see a big calculation and we are at home…I use calculator to make it fast so I won’t waste much time on it.

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