52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/29/18

  1. When meeting new people I tend to check out how my dogs react. I’m serious. If my dogs are a bit aloof then so am I. Online I need to learn to shut the heck up. My life hangs out on WordPress like dirty laundry.

      1. That’s a rare thing. I honestly try not to leave the property and we socialize with other dog people so there are always a ton of dogs (including ours) around.
        I used to have a really good radar for people but it’s not as accurate as it was. So I wait to open up for a while.

  2. Like I tell my kids, I trust until given a reason not to. So, I go into meeting new people without preconceived notions. I can usually tell within a few minutes if it’s someone I’ll care to interact with again.

    1. I try to take a similar approach. I do tend to keep people at arm’s length until I judge their intentions and/or honesty.

  3. Trusting is not something I do easily. Couple that with being an observer and you have a recipe for not being open. I am not rude by any means, I just don’t start conversations. It took a year of blogging before I gave my name or told a personal story. I am very good at reading people. Once I trust you and respect you though, I will defend you to my death if it’s necessary.

  4. It depends on their behavior and the situation (“the vibe”). I prefer to be open, but I’m also alert for red flags. And, unless the situation is one that sets a context of general agreement on the subjects, I avoid getting into political or religious topics until I have an idea of the person’s orientation.

      1. It may be myth now but I grew up in the 50s and 60s and my Father was old school British . If I started to cry about something I had to go to my room
        And if he was furiously angry about something the only clue was he would grind his teeth. I don’t think his level of reserve was healthy but that is how he was brought up.

      2. I’ve heard this from several English people. It doesn’t seem healthy to me to hold all that in.

      1. I wasn’t being argumentative. I would have been shocked if you had said you open up and tell people everything upon meeting them. lol

      2. Sure I didn’t spot argument in your position. My position and indeed my approach oftentimes is that from meeting the first time, the individual’s disposition, does determine or decide my opening up.

      1. That depends on the setting. In casual settings I am more open. If there are long term relationships at stake I would be more guarded. I just learned something about myself! Ha!

      2. There you go! The learning part of this is why I like posting questions. It forces me to do 2 things: I have to think about my answer AND I get to expand my mind by reading and considering the answers of others. 🙂

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