Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/29/18

When you first meet someone do you find yourself immediately open and trusting or do you tend to be more guarded?

52 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/29/18

  1. When meeting new people I tend to check out how my dogs react. I’m serious. If my dogs are a bit aloof then so am I. Online I need to learn to shut the heck up. My life hangs out on WordPress like dirty laundry.

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  2. Trusting is not something I do easily. Couple that with being an observer and you have a recipe for not being open. I am not rude by any means, I just don’t start conversations. It took a year of blogging before I gave my name or told a personal story. I am very good at reading people. Once I trust you and respect you though, I will defend you to my death if it’s necessary.

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  3. It depends on their behavior and the situation (“the vibe”). I prefer to be open, but I’m also alert for red flags. And, unless the situation is one that sets a context of general agreement on the subjects, I avoid getting into political or religious topics until I have an idea of the person’s orientation.

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      • That depends on the setting. In casual settings I am more open. If there are long term relationships at stake I would be more guarded. I just learned something about myself! Ha!

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      • There you go! The learning part of this is why I like posting questions. It forces me to do 2 things: I have to think about my answer AND I get to expand my mind by reading and considering the answers of others. 🙂

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