40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 11/30/18

    1. In this instance I am referring to serious stuff. So do you tend to look for compromise and resolution or do you dig in and hold out?

  1. Dig in and defend myself, unfortunately! Working on it…I’m usually able to come back to the situation and admit my wrongdoing or faults, but first thought is always defensive!

  2. If I can see a possibility of resolving it, I prefer to go for that. In part, it depends on what is at stake. If I see my position, particularly regarding a decision about a third party, as a moral or ethical imperative, I’ll dig in deep and hard.

  3. Ooohhh…this is a bad one! In theory, I know I should be kind and find a diplomatic solution. In practice, I’ll dig in a argue my case until I either 1) win – or 2) wear down my ‘opponent’ to the point they just give in.
    What about you, sir? What do you do?

      1. Like hell, I’m sure. I’ve been working on walking away. Don’t too much understand why I get so stuck in. It’s like it matters, or that I have anything to prove. Weird…

      2. I remind myself to pick and choose my battles and ask myself if this is the battle I feel like waging war over.

      1. I think I would have that attitude when I had to fight for my kids when they were younger. My son in particular needed a wolf mother . He is extremely bright and has a psychomotor disorder and had to do his school work on a computer exams as well. Heaven help the school if they did not make that easy for him! He went on to university to BA and an MSc and he had learned to fight for himself then. So in that case my example was a good one.

  4. On most things I’d rather resolve than fight. Even when I know I’m right I’ll try to work with the person so he doesn’t feel that I’m insinuating that he’s ignorant. But on certain things I’m a bulldog.

      1. LOL I’m old. It was always done that way when I was young. And, since it’s mostly men I end up disagreeing with it seemed appropriate. 🙂

      2. I live with 3 to 4 girls and two men. I don’t argue with my granddaughters and my daughter-in-law and I get along really well. So, unless I want to get into a debate with the three male dogs, I have to fight with the guys! lol

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