48 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/1/18

  1. For the most part, I actively avoid the opinions of celebrities. However, if Cher recommends a plastic surgeon or J. Anniston admits her beloved facial products – I am listening!

      1. That does seem to be the case. But from a marketing standpoint, there is actually a tipping point. That point being when the consumer stops believing anything the celebrity says because people are so aware of influencer marketing. Ex; Paris Hilton.
        But I will stop pleading my case here, in order not to be a shining example of your other question 😉

      2. Ha ha! That is very good of you! lol I hadn’t connected those dots, but I also don’t view this as an argument. lmao

    1. So you have never, ever bought something that was advertised by a celeb? You’ve never read a book that someone famous recommended?

      1. My retort would be that everyone is impacted by celebrity. Whether seeing Dave Ramsey on a commercial or buying something in a store, advertising plays a huge role in our lives; and we usually don’t realize it until we spend a lot of time in introspection. Advertising works on everyone.

  2. I generally ignore celebrities as they annoy me unless they’re doing what they’re paid to do (sing, act, etc.) In general I find that products hyped by celebrities are over-priced and not as great as advertised. I do listen to the opinions of family and friends and, in my life, they’re the “famous” people.

    1. From working in the advertising world I am aware of the influence advertising has over everyone, thus I feel confident in saying their influence via commercials and advertising is more powerful than any of us would prefer to admit.

      1. I agree we’re all inculcated to believe and trust celebrities but I think experience teaches us that just because a face is familiar it’s not necessarily trustworthy.

      2. Agreed, but for anyone to say they are never influenced in any way by someone famous I believe is a bit dishonest or at minimum lacks a bit of awareness.

      3. that is still influence, which is kind of my point. Celebrities influence us every single day; sometimes without us even being fully aware of it.

      4. Yes. I realized, while it make be negatively, they do still influence me. But using them to try to get ME to buy stuff is a bad idea. LOL I’m sure the ad boys are quaking in their boots at the thought of losing me.

      5. I don’t think ad boys lose anyone. I believe advertising works on such an unnoticed, subconscious level that it is inescapable. lol

  3. These days definitely not, but years ago…… the days of Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne???? Hard drinking, tough guys and womanisers (to a degree) I was brought up on that philosophy, but through it all you still had to be a gentleman, so I guess the answer is yes, work hard, play hard; hey! I’m old 😂😂😂😂

    1. If people are aware AND honest I think the answer for all of us is Yes. Famous people have influence via blogs, Facebook, TV commercials, radio ads. You name it they are there and often times they influence us and we don’t even realize it has occurred.

  4. I had to think about this for a minute………..and I honestly do not think I have ever purchased something based on ANYONE’S opinion, much less some doofus famous for nothing.

      1. well, I have never decided on a vote based on some “famous” person’s opinions or rantings, nor have I made a decision to go somewhere or do anything based on anything other than my own curiosity or wonder. I don’t automatically believe anything when stated by someone I admire or trust. Advertising has tons of influence on people…I took a college course on advertising back in the day that pointed out quite specifically how to make people desire a product or service…and it made me take several steps further into skepticism when making any decisions.

  5. I take as little notice of what most celebrities say as I can. It helps to not watch TV or cable news. When I do notice something, I try to think about whether that individual might or might not know what they are talking about. I am more likely to pay attention if they are saying something I already agree with. Often, my reaction to hearing that somebody said something is, “Who the heck is that and why should I care?”

    1. I find it interesting that most who are commenting are defaulting straight to direct opinions stated by celebrities. I believe the most powerful influences come via advertising.

      1. Well, a large percentage of those statements by celebrities are advertising. Now, we have the rise of the paid “influencers” on social media, mini-celebrities doing advertising.

  6. I don’t value the opinion of many who are in the entertainment industry. But some do use their fame to get attention to worthwhile causes. So I can’t write them off. Then there are the celebrities who are athletes. I have to say that I am inspired by many of the para athletes and value their opinions on how they have achieved success in their sport.

    1. It is also interesting that almost every comment reworded my question and substituted “opinion” for the word I used “influence”.

      1. Yes that is interesting. I guess we all focused on the first part of the question and did not carry forward to how these opinions may or may not have influenced us.

  7. I have been trying to think, I can say confidently that because xyz has the latest thing, that would have no influence on me to buy it or because someone is advertising something that wouldn’t be a reason for me to buy it.

    But if it was maybe a cause, so for example the ice bucket challenge that went nuts cause a ton of famous people did it. Or maybe if a celebrity was supporting a charity that I hadn’t heard of, I might go and look at it see what it is. I have been trying to rack my brains to think, but I think a lot of us are influenced without us knowing, especially in this day and age of having celebrities being photographed 24 hours a day and its subtle a lot of it, as simple as the host of the baftas wearing a certain dress or suit and you google to see where it came from.

    1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! This is exactly my point and I am so grateful that you took time to think and be honest. My initial reaction was “I could care less what Tom Cruise says!”. But when I thought about it I realized I was wrong. Celebs have so much more influence on me than I wanted to admit.

      1. This was actually easier for me, because just before I read the question I had been looking at the most amazing dress that I saw someone on TV watching and I am probably the least likely person to look at dresses

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