25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/2/18

    1. I have to admit I forgot I asked this question, so when I read your answer I thought “what in the world is this about?” lol I would define cutting hair as looking in the mirror. I’m referring to standing up close to the mirror and just staring at yourself. Noting else going on.

  1. The day my youngest son got married I looked at myself from every angle for a long time. I was so worried about embarrassing him that I nearly cried. It was a very informal wedding…the bride was barefoot..but I still worried. Then I finally told myself no one would be looking at me anyway.

      1. depends whether you want to include phones?

        If so 2 otherwise no, we have gone from a place which had storage, mirrors that sort of thing everything included to a place where we need to buy that sort of thing, think bookshelves, wardrobes, chest of drawers.

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