CNN President Jeff Zucker Would Consider Running for Political Office

The Searchlight

By Erin Corbett

CNN President Jeff Zucker said he is “still very
interested in politics” and would consider an eventual run for office,
according to a Monday interview with CNN analyst David Axelrod, the
former chief strategist for former President Barack Obama’s campaigns,
who also served as a senior Obama administration advisor.

“I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics,” Zucker told Axelrod, host of The Axe Files
podcast. “It’s something I would consider,” he continued. The executive
was responding to Axelrod’s question about where the CNN chief sees
himself in five years. “You turned down the opportunity to work for Al
Gore in 2000. You’ve talked in the past about possibly running for
office,” Axelrod said.

The two also discussed President Donald Trump’s
verbal attacks on CNN reporters and accusing the cable news channel of
generating “fake news.”

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