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      1. I think we are going down the wrong rabbit hole. lol My point is simply that more people might need to stop and think about others and give in order to help; consider someone else’s perspective.

      2. Yes, meaning let’s consider the fact that others need help and not everyone is out to be a scammer. There are people who truly want some help.

  1. I can turn this around on you right now. I was homeless with two babies back in the early 80’s. I had a cardboard sign saying I needed work. An older gentleman gave me a ten dollar bill and said he wished he could do more but was on social security and barely made it each month. I felt so incredibly grateful that I could purchase some food for my kids, so very determined never to have to hold up another sign, and so extremely embarrassed to be in that position. That is how a person feels…

    1. Once again you have helped make my point. Sometimes we are too busy trying to figure out if the person in need really needs or is scamming. My thought is to give. Give and give and give. If 7 out of 10 are scammers, but I help 3 like your example then I have helped 3 people and that is worth more than gold.

  2. I think I’ll defer to Suze in this one. With regard to any particular person in that position, I would only be guessing. All you can really do is make the offer and see what they do. Someone could really badly need the money and still feel terrible about having to take it.

    1. Hopefully it comes across that my point is for more people to just give the few dollars and stop trying to determine if the person is or isn’t in need. Sometimes we need to try to see things from their perspective and try to help. If the person is a charlatan, then so be it. They aren’t all going to be fakers.

    1. So how can you ever determine “deserving”? And because you truly can never know does that mean we should never give or help?

      1. Perfect. I was hoping that would be your answer. My question comes from a stat I saw the other day that less than 25% of people around the world help others in any charitable fashion. The odd thing is when I ask people I know about giving they say they want to, but few actually take action. I wonder why that is. I call it “almost charity”.

  3. Needy people aren’t a monolith, it depends on the day and the person. They maybe having a bad day and it angers them or really desperate and they are thankful. The same way I would feel finding an extra twenty in my wallet. I may feel like it was a gift or annoyed that it wasn’t there when I needed it more.

  4. I can also speak on behalf of this, if its going to feed my child, I have been very grateful, someone gives me something to spend a little something on myself, then I feel embarressed.

    However recently, I have swallowed my pride a lot and taken money to make sure I have kept a roof over our head. I have not been in the same extreme as Suze, but if it wasnt for some very lovely people I could of been

    1. I hope my point is coming across that most people don’t ever give. They use excuses like ‘he’s just going to use it for booze” or “she just needs drug money” or “I’d give them food but never money”, but then they never give food, they never help. We use excuses to not volunteer, not help, not give.

      1. I am not sure your point is, but I understand it. I had this sort of conversation with my other half, about people being homeless and I think one of the main thing that Brexit is going to do, is show up that a large amount of people that are homeless is not because of drink or drugs, its because not enough is being done to help those who are right on the line. Then all the excuses in the world are not going to cut it

      2. I’m not familiar enough with the issue in the UK to speak about it. In the U.S. the homeless situation exists for many many reasons. Addiction, choice, mental health, bad choices, bad economy, etc. I wouldn’t begin to know how to fix it. But what I can do is give to those I see and encounter.

      3. Ours are for similar reasons, but we have something like 80,000 families are official homeless. The really bad thing is that are 11,000 homes that are vacant and have been for more than 10 years, so you can probably imagine, that there at least enough homes that are empty and have been for many years that can help a large number of those families. I must admit that this figure doesn’t go to show, single men and women of all ages, which I can imagine is also a large amount, but again a bit of thinking outside the box and we may help a large amount of them as well. You will however, always get those who don’t or can’t be helped, so I don’t think the problem will ever go away completely

  5. Having so recently been there I can say that, when a friend gave me $20 out of the blue I was both deeply grateful and incredibly ashamed. I never thought we’d end up the way we did so it was shocking to me to need that money and it hurt that I did.

    1. What if you didn’t get that $20? What if not one person took the time to give? And what if the 25% who decide to help someone just stopped doing so?

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