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  1. We used to volunteer A LOT of our time to the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. We have two Saints, and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE animals. Without going into the whole thing, after a few years of volunteering with this organization, things went very sour and turned very ugly, so we stopped donating our time and money. But our hearts will always go out to animals and their causes.

    1. That sounds like a great cause to get involved. I imagine there aren’t many hands going up to offer help for people with severe issues.

    1. I struggle with the homeless issue on a personal level. I find myself torn on how I feel because my own interactions with the homeless show that the reasons for homelessness run a huge range. Some have mental health issues, some are truly just down on their luck, some choose to be homeless, some have addiction problems, etc. I find the entire situation to be quite overwhelming.

  2. I have recently volunteered to help the child advocacy center in my area and I am going next month to help an organization that works with victims of human trafficking in Cambodia. I always encourage people to help out when and where they can for organizations and causes they feel passionate about.

    1. In the U.S. we have a bunch of people volunteer during Christmas then organizations cannot find volunteers for the remainder of the year. I’m currently trying to find a new cause for 2019 so I thought this question might bring up some new ideas. Good for you for getting involved!

  3. I volunteered at the VA hospital until my bus pass was revoked. The government seems to think I can wheel myself miles to it and back. Where’s Ironman when you need him?

      1. I mean like anything I can volunteer for. I mean I am a student so it’s natural I can’t give big financial support. Anything within my reach and possibilities is good.

  4. We give our time to various causes. A local homeless shelter, participate in walks for breast cancer and autism awareness, and we we financially support autism speaks, NPR, cancer society, and habitat for humanity.

      1. Oh! Many of the others I saw I comments were worthwhile. I am already involved with Amnesry International and the others are places where I think I could be actively involved.

  5. I’ve volunteered at nursing homes. I would go and read to them, help them with little things around their room, companionship. I’ve also worked with young women who want to go into journalism and are the first ones in their families to go to college. Cancer patient places are always looking for volunteers too like Ronald McDonald House, Candlelighters, etc. I’m not sure what they have in your area. Hospitals also look for volunteers.

      1. I understand. Right now in my day job I work with the elderly. I enjoy it a lot. I feel like I’m helping someone in need. Beware, you do get attached. Lol.

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