I Now Know I Must Make Serious Changes in My Life

I Now Know I Must Make Serious Changes in My Life


I Now Know I Must Make Serious Changes in My Life

Recently I went for a procedure which helps my doctor better understand what is going on inside my body.  At the beginning of 2018 I started having issues with my gut and it concerned me greatly.  The last thing I want or need at this point in my life is digestive issues complicating my already challenging health situation.

In May I had a colonoscopy performed and the results revealed I have polyps and inflammation and part of my diagnosis was Ulcerative Colitis.  The polyps were removed and the areas tatooed so they could be monitored as time progressed.  This most recent  procedure revealed I do not have UC which is a great thing, but it did reveal 10 new polyps which is a startling development for a 6 month period, with one being quite large.

Regardless of the polyp results I have made the decision to get my health under absolute control.  No more excuses.  No more delays.

I started by researching the exact types of foods I must eat to be the healthiest I can be and the types of food I am eliminating once and for all.  I have also began research on exercises I can do with MS and how to slowly build up to being strong and absolutely shred fat from my body.

I have made the decision that I am going to be the before-and-after photo I’ve seen online which means I am going to stick to a clean eating regimen void of sugars and junk food.  It means I will be committing to the most disciplined lifestyle I’ve ever lived.

I believe change happens in 2 different ways which are both dependent on one another.  First, one has a moment of realization to make definite change.  Some will call this a moment of clarity or a “come to Jesus meeting”; I had this experience.  It finally hit me that I eat too haphazardly.  I take my body for granted.  I take a lot of things for granted.

Following the moment of clarity the second part of change kicks in and that is the process of actual change.  This is the nut and bolts, the how, what and when.  This second part of the process is where most fail because it happens in inches, not miles.  Every day you make decisions and those decisions either help you progress or they move you back. Sometimes making a more beneficial decision doesn’t “feel” like it is impacting your life.  It is only after the accumulation of multiple beneficial decisions do we see the impact of our work.  And because the impact is not immediate, most people make the mistake of letting up.  They stop pushing forward.

I have had the moment of clarity and now I am developing my plan which began this past Wednesday.  I have implemented a daily 20 minute workout, which will progress to 45 minutes by the end of December.  I will be implementing a ton of green leafy veggies and some raw fruits, most raspberries and pears and replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes.  I am eliminating salad dressings, bread, sugar, tea and potatoes along with processed foods and the like.   I will also be mixing in some juicing using the NutriBullet.

My ultimate goal is to get to 10% body fat from my current percentage of 25.  I’m not going to focus so much on weight, but on measurements and progressing through my exercise regimen.

I am calling my new endeavor Project Me.

Hope all is well!



60 thoughts on “I Now Know I Must Make Serious Changes in My Life

    1. I don’t eat beef, pork, turkey or chicken so I’ve already taken care of that part. And I appreciate your words of encouragement! Thank you so much!! Danny

  1. Danny, congratulations on becoming proactive and changing how you eat. I eliminated foods that caused me inflammation due to food sensitivities and it made a huge difference. Eliminated the genetically modified foods and went organic for foods on the dirty dozen list discussed at this link: https://draxe.com/dirty-dozen/ I eat the clean ones non -organic. The dirty dozen list have high pesticides in them. Another thing I am working on is eliminating negativity about how I view myself and others and staying away from negative news feeds. Good health is a process, one step at a time. Danny, you are on your way! Congratulations on choosing health! 🙂 Hazel

    1. Hazel, thank you so much for your encouragement. I have had a love-hate relationship with my health for several years. I have eaten healthy for periods of time, but not a true lifestyle change. This situation was an eye-opening experience for me that gave me a look at mortality in a way that was real for me. Now this isn’t something I want to do, it is something I must do.

  2. This is good news after the bad news. I send my whole hearted encouragement to you. It takes steps to change your diet. I have had some success with eliminating one food at a time. That helps me gauge the impact of the change. Stay strong and be healthy.

  3. I wish you all the best with this endeavor. You CAN succeed. And don’t rule out some alternative options (homeopathy, naturopathy, supplements from those two disciplines) But make sure to find a trustworthy practiotioner of those two. Get references from friends and check the credentials and qualifications. Diet can bring about amazing changes. I have recently given up all dairy. My body just said enough of that and I listened and it has produced the right results. Good luck Danny!

    1. The purge is really important. I’m eating a lot (a LOT) of fresh veggies and fruits. No sugar, no processed foods, no meats, no chicken, no turkey, no pork. It isn’t difficult to eat this way, but it is difficult to eat in a restaurant.

      1. You’re very welcome Danny. You are definitely the type to turn things into an adventure rather than a chore!
        I’ve just discovered I need to make radical, serious changes to my lifestyle. I resist change of any kind, even if it’s for my own good, so I’m going to have to really put my back into it.

  4. People are not responsible for getting sick but we still have choices. Your decision is a good one. Two years ago I was told I was pre-diabetic. I decided to walk more and to drop all sugar. This year my sugar levels are normal. I can’t change the illness I have, but I don’t have to make it worse by letting myself become a diabetic.

    I hope your holiday season is a good one, Danny.

    Thank you for being part of the blogosphere.

  5. Danny, you are AWESOME and so inspiring! I would be honored to do a free clarity session with you via video conferencing or phone.
    I am a coach and TOTALLY get the MS thang! 😉 Dx in 2011 My Divine storm 2011-2016
    Please see http://www.NakedCoaching.life/katrinas-divine-storm

    I have reinvented my life with diet and lifestyle and now I am helping others that are inspired to do the same. I was honored to be featured on the front page of Fridays New Years Paper with the http://www.telluridenews.com

    THE moment that you committed to yourself to make changes in your diet to reinvent your health is the MOMENT you became a real warrior.
    I am so inspired by your blog!
    Your Awesome!

      1. Your welcome Danny! Good luck and ket me know if I can help. Research Gut/brain connection and gut microbiome (health).
        I specialize in this and autoimmunity now as I walk my talk and took advance classes in. I learned what Dr.s Don’t tell you sadly, how to heal. .its not drugs either….
        I would be honored to do a free consult.
        I look forward to watching your journey of healing!

  6. Danny, I am just seeing this now because I was on my own “project me” for a couple of months. I still am, but am at a point where I can be in the blogging world and not get caught up in it. I wondered when you stopped the partnership program that it may be health related. I am so glad you have taken these steps and wish you all the best on “Project Me”. I look forward to following it. Thanks for all you have done for me and others over the past few years.

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