Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/9/18

Do you believe the scientists and psychologists who espouse that mobile device usage at early ages is destructive, produces addiction and contributes to depression?

19 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/9/18

  1. Yes to addictive, I have students who cannot go for more than 5-10 mins without checking them, some students I repeat “put your phone away” maybe 10-15 times in a one hour lesson (I have patience lol) As far as destructive yes when it comes to social media bullying it can destroy lives and can cause a serious loss of confidence, which can lead to depression especially with vulnerable young people. A nation is only as strong as its most vulnerable 🤨🤨

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    • There was a time when humans openly handled mercury, we didn’t realize it was harmful. I believe we will view social media/smart devices in the hands of young people in a similar light 100 years from now.

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      • We are giving control over to the robots to become our overlords :-p

        I am not sure what the answer is on this one, as I am guilty of spending too much time on the internet. Although, its a computer, rather than a phone. I tend to only use my phone for phonecalls.

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      • I’m guilty too. I have started leaving my mobile in the car when I go to a restaurant or shopping. I am noticing that when I don’t have it with me, I am constantly reaching for it. Addiction.

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      • My phone broke, and we couldn’t afford to replace or repair it, so I went without for 3 months, it was a pain in the backside for a little while, but I got use to it fairly quickly, now I can honestly say I can live without it.

        Living without the internet is another thing completely

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  2. Yes, technology replaces mental and physical abilities that are essential for mind to stay positive not just competitive. The survival of the fittest is now through being tech savvy.

    Just wondering when walking was replaced by horse riding was replaced by bicycles and then by cars and soon enough be with self driven cars, do we think the same way? The affect would be seen mostly on people who would be thinking this are the people who have seen these transitional techno evolution. People who are born with such technology.

    Just my observation …

    Its not just the devices.. its nost of the technology.

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