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  1. I’m trying to think of an alternative to the standard definition, which Suze gave quite well. That is the behavioral definition. Arriving at a neurological definition is more elusive, but changes at that level are clear when the addiction is to psychoactive chemicals, the development of tolerance and need for increasing doses to achieve the same effect, and physical withdrawal symptoms. Other addictive behaviors probably involve such changes as well, involving natural neurotransmitters and hormones.

    Hmmm – A question arises: How is a habit different from an addiction? And, when can we say a habit has become an addiction? Most of us have unhealthy habits that persist despite some degree of negative consequences, or known and safely predictable negative consequences.

    1. YES! You hit my follow-up question before I could ask it! lol I have known friends who had drug habits and I have friends who have drug addiction. Those with habits were able to easily transition off said drug, while those who had an addiction obviously were not able to transition easily at all. Where is the line?

      1. I think that ease of stopping or limiting use of a drug probably is a measure of that line. I’ve also been thinking about behavior examples, so-called sex addicts and rage-aholics, compulsively engaging in, and seeking out (in the case of the rage addicts, particularly on social media) emotionally intense “highs”.

    1. I agree. There is something compulsory about addiction. The “I know I shouldn’t, but I am going to anyway” thought is a tough place to live.

      1. Whatever addiction you have, it is very much dependent on the first try, or at least the first few, if you have a bad reaction then you are unlikely to try it again, however alot of people don’t, they win on that horse, they have a great high and see unicorns, that night they started drinking was the best ever, whatever the addiction happens to be. When they try it again its not as good, but its still good, after that they keep chasing that feeling they got from the first time they did it. Some people get a good high and end it there, maybe the odd flutter, occassional user, but addicts keep chasing the high

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