Monday Minstrel: Horses Ancient and Modern in India


One of the things I enjoy about blogging is the opportunity to learn from other bloggers about parts of the world that I have never visited.  A couple of days ago I visited the blog website of S. Jayaraman and found some very interesting  photos of horse sculptures. Here is the first one that captured my attention.

The photo above is of a carved wooden horse  that was taken when S. Jayaraman visited an ancient village known as Thiruvathigai in the Tamil Nadu State of India.  S. Jayaraman had visited a wood workshop where the carvers are the ninth generation to carve and paint wooden sculptures. 

Here are photos S. Jayaraman took of the carvings in ancient  Hindu Temples. that also feature horses.

I am interested to see that in these ancient sculptures there are human figures , dogs and an elephant supporting the horse from beneath. In the modern…

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