34 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/12/18

  1. I think both. I think we are born with a certain amount of confidence, but through positive feedback and hard work, our confidence grows as our abilities grow. I believe a lot of it is genetic and a lot of it is through exposure. By the same token, if all we hear is negativity, we will question everything and question our abilities.

      1. I believe all people are. Im not sure we call it confidence in newborn infants, because I think we use that word until kids get older. I think of a baby who has the confidence to try and stand, walk, or reach (basics for sure) but to me the same concept. I think at a certain age, we need to start nurturing it, especially when the competitive world at large starts influencing a person and they may begin to have a lack of confidence.

  2. Watching my grandchildren I believe they’re born with absolute confidence and trust. My 7 month old granddaughter is quite confident she can get her entire foot into her mouth. She’s confident she can reach things far above her head. The older kids also have a lot of confidence but I see where the world can sometimes erode it.

    1. “Normal” has a way of whittling us down into being like everyone else. I believe this process of learning to conform also damages our confidence.

      1. I agree and it’s a shame that conformity is something the world tends to expect. Now that I’m older I’ve decided to be a total non-conformist; at least in the way I dress.

  3. Genuine confidence is something that can be developed. It can also be destroyed and that is why we have to be so carefull of the people we have around us. Negativity can eat away at confidence.

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