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  1. Without making Santa “real”? Maybe, but it is one of those myths that is difficult to avoid in this society. I remember an anthropologist telling of a very conservatively religious family in which the parents did not want their kids to believe in Santa because when they did eventually find out he is not real, they might also begin to question the reality of God. They also didn’t do Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.

    1. I can see the logic in that line of thought. If a parent says Santa is real and God is real and Santa turns out to be a fraud, then maybe there isn’t a God either. Logical progression I think.

  2. Don’t do Santa. Never have. Honestly it never came up. On Christmas Day we give each other 3 gifts. Something you want, something you need and something to read. My neighbor told her kids they could pretend believe in Santa but they should know that their parents worked very hard to give them those gifts. My mother never held with the Santa thing. If he was real then why did some people get new cars and others a dinner at the church and maybe an orange. Didn’t make him sound very nice.

    1. This is kind of my point. Santa being real is great when you are on the right side of the gift getting. No so much from the other perspective.

  3. Last year was the last year my daughter believed in Santa. We bridged it as Santa is in everyone. He is a charitable person and there is always someone to help. Now that she is old enough, she helps play Santa with me to someone in need. What’s the harm in letting them believe in a little magic? Life isn’t about what you get…it’s about what you do with it. What ticks me off is people who don’t allow or tell there kids there is no Santa and those kids ruin it for other kids or make them doubt in Santa. This world is cruel enough, let them be little for as long as possible.

    1. The world is cruel and Santa is magical for some kids. I’m just wondering out loud if maybe there’s a better, fairer way to tell the story. What about poor children who hear the story and because they get nothing they believe they aren’t good enough?

      1. It’s doubtful 100% of kids will get something, but there are so many organizations that help with this now…it takes minimal efforts by the parents just to reach out and ask. Heck, I have personally joined others to adopt families to make sure the kids were covered.

      2. Yes, but there are still a lot of kids who go without anything. I guess that’s just how it is going to be. Some have, some have not.

  4. For me, I wish I had done Santa the other way round, so instead of Santa bringing lots of little gifts and we buy the main gift, Santa does just one present and we do main gift (I still want the credit) and the rest of the gifts. I dislike Christmas, but I do enjoy my son’s wonderment

      1. I read an interesting post on here the other day about her telling her 3 year old Santa wasn’t real, it really did give the other side of the coin to the way I think. I still disagree with her, but agreed with a lot of her arguments as to why she did it

  5. I am not a Christian, fact is I am a Muslim and We all know Santa is Coca-Cola product. But nobody cares what’s the religion if one is truly a good human being. Santa represent unity through giving. Santa is a universal symbol of goodness love care and most importantly Hope. The idea is truth vs lie. Then start from calling life, “daily dying “, because calling life life is a biggest Santa. Life gives Hope to the journey towards ultimate destination. Santa gives hope to whatever hope is left in this economically driven world. Stay festive stay with hope and keep Santa alive 💗 respect!

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