Biasini Speaks About Horse Transport to Florida.


It was still dark when I heard the barn door open. Hay! It wasn’t Barn Manager Carl it was Ma Leueen! YES! That means it is my day to start on the trip south to the warm weather. I have been waiting for this for days. Yesterday I saw Ma Leueen packing my trunk so I knew it would be soon.

Ma Leueen turned on the lights in the barn and gave me my breakfast. Then she fed all the other horses. My neighbor Fluffy said: “Hay Beebs, I guess you’re leaving today. ” ” Yup! It looks like it Fluffy.” “Well safe trails to you.”

I finished up my breakfast and then Ma Leueen took me to the grooming stall to get my winter blanket off and put on my favorite black watch plaid cotton sheet and on top of that my plaid fleece lined blanket. As it gets…

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