Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/21/18

Do you use wisdom when making small decisions?

Published by dray0308

I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BA in Religious History with an emphasis in early Christian origins. I have spent my adult life as an amateur philosopher and avid student of the academic side of Christian origins. My interest in philosophy has led me to observing human behavior, especially as it relates to personal fulfillment and achieving success. It is my mission to help dreamers understand how to become doers. By understanding a few universal principles those that wish, hope, dream, but never achieve can find the personal success they have always wanted.

40 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/21/18

      1. Oh that’s a loaded question, my friend. I think the biggest area where i need some help and A LOT more wisdom, is learning to keep my big fat mouth shut a lot more. I gt into so much trouble because I speak my mind. 🙂

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      2. I have a friend who thinks speaking his mind is an admirable trait and sometimes it is. What he fails to realize is he sometimes takes liberties to simply say whatever he wants bluntly. This gets him into trouble.


    1. I am referring to things like choosing healthy food instead of fast food. Maybe going for a walk instead of watching television.


      1. Should there be a conflict between enjoyment and wisdom? Hmmm – Do we really see wisdom as boring, as stoic self-denial, necessarily aesthetic, and pleasure as foolish and inevitably somehow harmful, even sinful? I think there must be a place for “enjoy wisely”.

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    1. What area do you think you might improve a little that would improve your life over the next couple of years? For me it is getting some fat off my body. I think that by controlling my food I can reduce weight which should reduce the pressure on my legs which will make me feel better in the future.


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