Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/27/18

Everyone has regrets, so…

What is your biggest regret?

31 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/27/18

  1. I try not to worry about any. Things have a way of working themselves out. There may be some initial regret if a decision turns out bad, but the universe leads us where need to be usually, whether we know it at the time or not.

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      • I think most people who read this question fast-forwarded to the “…I don’t worry about it” which is how I view it too. The essence of the post was more about being honest with oneself. Many people said “I have no regrets” which shows how little self-awareness some have.

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      • Everybody has regrets. Believe me, I’ve done and said more than my share of stupid shit over the years, hurting somebody or myself in the process. But, if atonement has been made, or at least attempted, gotta let it go. There is one thing I do still have regrets about, my relationship with my dad. But, I’ve tried to extend the olive branch a dozen times, we’ve travelled to see him so he’ll know the boys, etc. Things kinda remain the same. So, while I regret that things went south, for some reason, I feel like I’ve done what I could to fix it. Guess it wasn’t enough, but I’m comfortable with my attempts. Sometimes in life, it is what it is.

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      • Exactly. The reason I ask these types of questions is because I find people don’t do 2 basic things: 1. people are typically not very honest with themselves, and 2. many people do not spend time in introspection. Honesty with self and time spent contemplating one’s life have helped me immensely over the years.

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  2. I refuse to acknowledge regret. Regret is a wasted emotion. I may consider that it would have been better to have taken action “c” rather than action”a” in the past, but I do not regret that I did what I did. It changes nothing, and would only exacerbate any bad feeling I may have had about my actions at the time, or subsequently. Life is far too short for regret! (I could regret that, but it is a fact!)

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      • I would always go back to my mantra of “Regret is a wasted emotion.” Words cannot be unsaid. They may have been made in haste, in anger, or in retaliation, but regret will never cancel out their effect.


  3. William Shatner once said (I’m paraphrasing) that regrets are useless. If you make your decisions using your best judgement at the time, why would you hold onto regret. This thought has stuck with me. Although for me, I have too many regrets to list here.

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    • Thank you for answering honestly. Everyone else keeps saying they don’t have regrets. Everyone has them. Here’s mine: a few years back I started focusing on work a lot and it impacted my relationship with my wife. I regret having made that mistake and have learned a valuable life lesson.

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      • You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your regret. I’ve made the same mistake myself. Like you, I believe we all have regrets. There are so many things we would do differently.

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