2018- This is the year that was!


2018 has been a good year in my life. There have been some inevitable ups and downs but c’est la vie! In the end the downs all came up ok and the ups were very good ups. Here are some of the blog posts that highlight my year.

In Florida, during the winter season there, I made my debut at the Intermediare 1 level. This is an FEI level and was a step up for Biasini and me. Here is a link the blog post about our journey.

In mid April we came home to Canada. Biasini shipped home arriving on the day there was an ice storm. The horses could not be turned out and it was a dramatic change in temperature for him. Here is a link to my post about what happened when he got sick and had to go to the equine hospital…

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1 thought on “2018- This is the year that was!

  1. I wondered how many other bloggers wrote a year in review article. I finished mine this morning.
    By the way, the wedding pictures were fantastic! And so were the equine show photos. I used to do some photo editing for a dressage equine photographer. ❤️🦋🌀

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