24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/28/18

  1. The idea of time travel has been played with in Sci-Fi stories since at least 1895 (The Time Machine by H.G. Wells), ranging from the sublime to the utterly cheesy. The problem always is, as it would be in real life, the generation of paradox, and unintended consequences. I think we must leave the rewriting of the past to revisionist historians and propagandists. Still, as fiction, it is ever so much fun.

  2. Interesting question. One day while working at the Museum a young person asked me about time Travel. I responded that I didn’t think that it was possible but later that evening after I got home I realized that I could have responded differently. Especially as pertains to Museums that in a matter of speaking allow visitors to time Travel as they walk from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Wings, make your way through the Asian art section over to the American Wing and through European Art Galleries. So Yes Museums do make it possible for folks to walk through History.

      1. Thanks. I also believe in Time Travel on a metaphysical or spiritual level. My former Museum workplace dated back to the 19th century and many Security Officers including myself have had supernatural experiences.

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