30 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 12/31/18

    1. The politics have driven me away from the news. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am so sick of every media outlet littering their feeds with 24 hours of anti-trump. I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I have never seen a group of people so hate-filled as they are with Donald Trump. It’s like they spew venom.

      1. He is a very divisive personality, and he seems to like it that way, getting both supporters and adversaries stirred up and spewing venom on both sides. I gave up TV, and especially TV news and “news” years ago. I am now more glad of that than ever.

      2. Me too. I follow a few blogs that I also cannot read too much as they are obsessed with continuing this cycle of insanity.

  1. God bringing me through some difficult work situations. Going back to 2016 I knew that I was going to retire. I was thinking of waiting until I turned age 60 February 2019 but due to an on the job accident I decided that it was best for me to retire August 2018. I had worked ten years as a Museum Security Officer.

    To cope with my injury I took up painting. Prior to acrylic painting I was creating Picture Photo Collages.

    One day in September of last year my housemate and I went across the Street to the Daily Press Coffee Shop across the Street from our house. I was feeling down in the dumps so my housemate took me to the Coffee Shop for tea and pastries. The Daily Press has artwork from local Brooklyn artists displayed on their walls. While my housemate and I were discussing the art two gentlemen we were joined in conversation with The Founders of A Creator’s Collection which is a Brooklyn Collective of artists and musicians. We all exchanged information and by October I have had my paintings shown in more art shows than the previous ten years that I worked at the Museum! Most of the Security Officers and custodial staff who work at the Museum are artists so I also had many opportunities to be in several art shows.

    God has really opened doors for me to display and showcase my art. This has been a great Blessing for me. I never set goals or made any official plans but The Lord has been working things out for me.

    Another great decision that I made in 2018 was to join Wayside Baptist Church. I’ve battled depression, anxiety disorders for years but I made a choice, I could stay home and be depressed or go to Church to be inspired and uplifted.

    1. Evelina and I are considering going to church for the first time ever. She is Catholic and I am protestant. How did you find a good church?

      1. Well I have only lived in Brooklyn about seven years and in that time visiting several churches. I knew that I wanted to stick with my Baptist beliefs, be close to home and I wanted to feel like I belonged. I can walk there and I felt this was where I should be.

      2. I have no idea how to find a church and I am not excited about the feeling of being the “new” people.

      3. Another option might be to tune into an online Church. Many churches have streaming services. Actually I had visited Wayside Baptist Church many times over a two year period before I made a decision. The congregation is friendly so that helped.

  2. It has been a happy year overall. My husband had some health scares but thorough checking has not shown anything ghastly lurking in his body. So challenges and great days were 2018 for me. I look forward to 2019.

  3. WOW!!! Yet another loaded question! The word to best describe 2018 for me is turmoil. There was so much of it this past year, in many different realms, all over the world. It makes me really wonder if there is anyway we can successfully move forward from here on out. I hope so, but I am not sure. We are s divided and there seems to be no middle ground anymore, from which to build a new.

    1. I am going to give my opinion here. I live in a multi-culture neighborhood and we don’t have problems. India, Africa, U.S., white, black, brown. Much of what you mention here is a creation of the national media to create conflict. And it is working because people are sponges for info. CNN, Fox News, NBC capitalize on people reacting and over-reacting. I’m not saying the world is perfect, but the sky isn’t falling.

      1. I agree totally. I am originally from the L.A. area in California, and I don’t remember ever having the problems that are all around us today, and like you said, there was every every culture and every country represented. But today, it’s a totally different world, and a completely different animal. I agree the media is working everyone up in a frenzy and people are over reacting. Everyone wants to be a victim and no one wants to work together anymore. Well, if everyone is a victim, nothing is ever going to improve because no one wants to take responsibility for things any more.

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