Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/1/19


If you had your choice would you rather spend quiet time alone or time with a group of friends?

25 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/1/19

  1. Society is so loud. Like Sonofabeach96, being with close family and friends is nice, but I really love being alone. I enjoy solitude, but that is not the correct word. Solitude implies loneliness and I am not lonely when alone. I am at peace and happy. I love the quiet, a good book and the peaceful sounds of nature.

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  2. How about quiet time alone with friends, as in reading their blogs and such? OK, seriously (sort of), I think a 60-40% split with the 60% solitude, but mood is the key too, and what the friends are doing and talking about matters.

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  3. Depends on my mood. I am quite happy to be alone or at least alone with my other half. With him I can be quiet or silent and so can so it is a sort of together alone. I also enjoy time with groups of friends but not too much of it.

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