Would You Like a Reblog?  Leave a Link

Would You Like a Reblog? Leave a Link


It has been a while since I have done this, but with a new year comes new posts.  If you would like me to reblog your post YOU must do 2 simple things:

  1.  Reblog this thread post to your readers
  2. Then leave a link to your post in the comments.  Please keep in mind I only reblog Blog posts.  I do not promote non-blog links or blogs who are selling wares.


Tit for tat, you reblog my post, I reblog yours.  It might take a few days, but eventually I will get to your link…promise.  🙂



89 thoughts on “Would You Like a Reblog? Leave a Link

      1. Not a problem. It is the intention that counts my friend! Some people skip the tit for tat part and make no effort to share my post, only wanting exposure for themselves. I have found some bloggers are really self-focused and selfish for that matter. Only wanting to promote their book, their poetry, their blog and could care less about others or real connecting. You are not one of those.

      2. Also, I just visited your page and you don’t have a reblog button. If you add one I’ll share your post.

      3. When you go to any post on your page, scroll down to the bottom of your post, the Reblog button should be directly beside the LIKE button.

  1. Hi! I will reblog! My blog is therapy bits, I blog about living with mental illnesses, did and ptsd, and I also blog about my process of going through psychotherapy! I am a woman in my late 30’s. AndI am also blind! I am from Ireland! http://therapybits.com!

  2. Soooo glad you’re doing this for all of us. Thank you-

    Hi all, we’re so thrilled to be able to comment on here and see if any of you come back to our site to check us out. We’re checking out your sites too. We write and live for adventure travel, travel with our kids and sailing/cruising. Come check us out and perhaps follow us- We’re not desk travelers, we actually get out and do it- look forward to hearing from you and sharing our adventures-


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    1. To reblog a post all you have to do is click the Reblog button located beside the Like button on the post in question.

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