33 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You a Question – 1/3/19

    1. Maybe I should have more specific. Have you ever had to interact with a narcissist and you didn’t have an option to not do so. Family or work or something like that? If so how did you manage them?

      1. Tolerated a boss for a couple of years…but she kinda led me away from the career I was in to the career I’m now in. She sucked, but I suppose I should thank her, actually. I dated one too, for a while. I enjoyed her….company….but she had a horrible personality, was frequently a “victim”, and generally thought of nobody but herself. Even the sex wasn’t worth putting up with her nonsense, so that was that. Any others I’ve encountered have been summarily dismissed from my life.

      1. We have one in our family and this person has isolated our relative. And the family was very close at one point and this person manipulated the situation so drastically.

      2. It’s very scary when someone becomes isolated from family and friends. Isolation and manipulation are two of the games narcissists love to play. The one isolated may need to know that there is a way out, but may not be able to see what the situation for what it is.

      1. Without a doubt. Threats. In this case he stayed with us. I finally kicked him out. Constant threats of real harm. Finally tried to kill his girlfriend and spent a a couple years in prison. DIfficult situation to this day.

  1. Yes, that one is easy. If I could stop looking at my reflection I’d tell you all about those rotten Narcissists. Seriously, add Sociopath to Narcissism and danger is real. I have met that creature and whoa, getting out alive is interesting.

    1. Many people never get out. We have the most deceptive narcissist in our family and it is amazing the level of control this person exerts.

  2. Having just read all about it, definitely not, I have known people who have some of the symptoms but not anywhere near all of them. But I think some girlfriends i know have probably come across this, so I wonder if it is more prevalent between the sexes. I think if I had come across someone with theses attributes I would have knocked them out, but that’s just me 😂😂

  3. Yes. I haven’t counted them up, and some were more so than others. It is also important to remember that in terms of formal diagnosis, Narcissistic Personality Disorder has a lot of symptomatic overlap with the others in Cluster B (per DSM 5), Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder. In my clinical work, I dealt with many more folks diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder than any of the others.

    1. Yes, there are too many facets for laypeople like me to just diagnose. However, this one dude was diagnosed by Psychiatrists in the prison system. Yet, here he is, out, about and quite full of himself.

      1. Someone diagnosed with a personality disorder only is generally not eligible for civil commitment because the condition is not seen as very treatable or an immanent danger to self or others, so, when he served his time, he got out.

    2. I’ve been reading about narcissism and it is amazing to read stories about the depths to which they go to manipulate and control.

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