‘Project Me’: A Month Complete and Here Are My Results

‘Project Me’: A Month Complete and Here Are My Results


So I am super excited to share the results of ‘Project Me’ with all of you!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check it out here: Project Me.)  To recap I had to make some serious health decisions back around the first week of December after a colonoscopy revealed abnormal growths.  I made the decision immediately that I was making changes in the types of foods I put in my body.  

I began using a Nutribullet processor, eating a lot more raw veggies and fruits, eliminated all sugary sodas, drinks, fried foods, fast food, processed foods, etc. 

Thus far I am down nearly 2 inches in my waist and almost 8 pounds.  I now weight 180.8 pounds down from 188.

Honestly it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be to make these changes.  I think the health-scare motivation was exactly what I needed.  I tried exercising a little, but the MS issues put that on hold although I’m thinking about new things I might be able to do once I hit 175 lbs.  The National Arthritis Foundation states that 1 pound of extra fat exerts 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees so I have effectively relieved 32 pounds of pressure off of my legs and knees.  Another 5 pounds might relieve enough pressure to allow me to walk more and maybe begin doing some light exercise to get my body to sweat. 

The goal I set in November is to get to 10% body fat and to be in the best physical shape of my life.  Once I get to 175 lbs I plan to stop focusing on weight and begin focusing on health and physique. 

I have decided that I am tired of allowing myself to make excuses for my poor decisions.  I decided I am no longer going to spend time justifying my poor decisions.  I decided I will no longer accept a weaker version of myself. 

Thus far I am happy with my results and all of the veggies and fruits has infused me with energy I haven’t had in years! 

2019 will be the year for Project Me!   



42 thoughts on “‘Project Me’: A Month Complete and Here Are My Results

    1. It has been different when the alternative is a disease that might kill me. It has truly been an eye-opening situation.

    1. I purposefully started in November so it wouldn’t be a resolution, but yes, it feels so great to start the new year 8 pounds down! 🙂

    1. Yes! I cannot wait to be at the beach this summer and not be self-conscious about taking my shirt off. I know that sounds so superficial but it is honest. lol

  1. I love this, and that you named it Project Me. You are a doer… you were aware of what you wanted/needed to change, and you’re making it happen. That’s what I find so motivating and inspiring about you Danny, that you are a “doer!”

    1. Body fat causes so many health problems for men as we get older. As a society we have gotten lazier than ever. We eat so much crap food. Living with MS doesn’t afford me the luxury of haphazardly going through life.

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