My Science Project – Required Viewing


I have decided to file My Science Project under the Not So Secret Obsession tag instead of the Required Viewing tag for personal reasons.  I really like the movie for what I am reluctant to admit are nostalgic reasons.  It is a bad, very bad 80’s movie.  It is like, if Back to the Future, Weird Science, and all those other time-travel-science-project-nerdy-guy-makes-good-and-gets-the-girl films had a dumb cousin.  But that is what I really like about it, it is not good, not flashy, not really very well acted, but it is so perfectly 80’s for me.  It is the same reason I adore Night of the Comet and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, they are just so damn 80’s and maybe, secretly, deep down inside somewhere, I miss the 80’s a little bit.  Maybe I wish my life consisted of school and a paper route and watching MTV…

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